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Maverick Money Makers Club – A Review You Must Read

2009 July 14

maverickmoneyOver the past year or so, I’ve been hearing about Maverick Money Makers and mostly hearing good things. So I did some digging around to see if I could find any dirt on this program.

Hopefully, if it was any good then I might find one or two bad reviews about it from people who signed up and didn’t give it a fair chance. This is common with nearly all programs.

I had to steer clear of the product whores who would promote anything good or bad for the love of money.

I found the reviews to be quite mixed – some found Maverick Money Makers to provide value and recommended it as “a great program for beginners” while some thought it was an outright rip off. I only chose reviews from actual members of the Maverick Money Makers program.

Personally,  my main grouse with Maverick Money Makers is that its a membership site that costs a hefty $97/month. Not bad if you were getting half the stuff that’s available at Wealthy Affiliate for only $39/month.  In any case, I think its heavily overpriced based on the reviews I found.

Here’s some:

Review 1 – NEGATIVE – From WhyDoWork forums

I was a member for about 5 months, and learned a lot of little tricks, but when I implemented them I have either gotten my account suspended, the methods didn’t work, some things on the sales page were missing on the inside.

His upsold CPA project is a naughty yet crafty way to fake a job offer for people who are looking for a job, fake an application process, then fake a rejection of the job, all so that you get the unsuspecting customers to put their name into an online conferencing/call center software to get paid $100 per lead.

My comments : I think this is unethical marketing and there’s more about this later on in this review.

The so-called “Mack Michaels” has apparently done something similar as a guy named Chris Lumb for former

I’ll have to admit that Mack made his program look professional. He’s soft spoken. He’s got these videos that he personally guides you through and demos, but many of those methods are either outdated or downright don’t work. I’ve wasted a lot of time with them, but I pressed because I figured that I was doing something wrong, and I just had to keep pressing.

No, this one is a doozy. He is the ultimate conman, Twitter page and all, plus a customer service call center.

Some of the the techniques are useful such as learning how to domain forward with Go Daddy URL masking, but others just don’t work period. So technically, you the customer, are the Guinea Pig for his methods. You’re paying $97/month to be his experiment versus being the ultimate guru that he says he is and teaching you methods that have been working forever.

On the same thread:

Review 2 – NEGATIVE

Yes, Maverick Money Makers teaches some pretty shady tactics, including spamming forums.

Stay far, far away from this one indeed.

My comments: I found on the Warrior Forum a thread that supports the notion that  Maverick Money Makers teaches spamming forums.  I’m not sure why but maybe his instructions on how to do forum marketing aren’t clear and might have been misinterpreted by members.

Review 3 – NEGATIVE – Warrior Forum

I was a member for 3 months, and stayed a member only because of the claims made by mack for the new content coming soon, every time though, the content was not that special and is deffenitly not easy to make money with. Finally cancelled my reccuring payments, and will invest in alot better things with more value and less cost – MMM not reccomended by myself

And this on the same thread:

Review 4 – MIXED

I have been a member of MMM for less than a month now and have to say that I have learned quite a bit. He is off on some things like the ebay video and calling Forex the stock market, but there is a lot of good information there.

Having said that; the main page shows proof of money made with MillNic – quite a lot of money – but there is nothing in the club about that company and making money with them. The last video says that he wont try to up sell you and that unlike others the club is all that you need. When you sign up you are up sold the VIP membership for $47 more a month and the Project CPA for 1/2 off if you are a VIP member.

I have been thinking about the Project CPA and they tell me “Project CPA is about various click per action campaigns.” This is very different from what you say above.

I have learned a lot from MMM and I [am] hoping to learn more about making money with companies like MillNic and Neverblue using PPC

Review 5 – NEGATIVE – Affilorama

i was a member for a while and honestly i think many of the things taught in the program were outdated. i rushed out to try to sell affiliate program with PPC and lost some money.. i wouldn’t recommend it.

And on the same thread:

Review 6 – NEGATIVE

I became a member but I didn’t really like some of the strategies taught from a moral point of view. I don’t know if he is still doing this. It was something to do with getting people to respond to an add for a fake job and then booking an online meeting room. I really didn’t like the idea of doing this. Just didn’t feel right to waste people’s time and raise their hopes.

Being Unethical Destroys A Good Thing

You have to be careful not only about the types of programs you choose to purchase online but how you market and treat the unsuspecting. Because lets face it, the majority of people that surf the internet probably don’t know what an affiliate link looks like and they most likely don’t know the tactics marketers use.

As mentioned in a couple of the above reviews, Mack Michaels teaches a method where he promotes a CPA product that pays $100 per lead. Good money that is. So come up with a smart strategy for promoting the product.

That product is  Go To Meeting® and the “smart strategy” Michaels came up with was to get people to respond to a fake job. With the way the economy is, with all the layoffs and stuff, going this far is slimy enough.

Why go there? Oh yeah, the money.

It only gets worse for the unfortunate job applicant. Michaels would have him book an online meeting using Go To Meeting® – an online conference call software. At this point the job applicant is out some cash with no job in sight. The $100 commission is already credited.

This has caused Citrix Online – the makers of Go To Meeting® -  to put a statement on their website saying that they’re not affiliated with Maverick Money Makers.

Part of the statement says:

Citrix Online is committed to the highest business and ethical standards and to giving our customers an excellent experience with our products. We have no affiliation whatsoever with Maverick Money Makers or any of their programs nor do we approve of their business practices.

When stuff like this is said about you, I won’t want to be affiliated with you either. I won’t recommend Maverick Money Makers just because of something like this.


From the reviews, I would say that Maverick Money Makers is not a scam and you may get some value out of it. The instructions may not be all that clear for a novice and not necessary for the advanced marketer.

I however think that teaching a method involving some shady practice involving Go To Meeting®, this is something to stay away from. I’d rather you learn how to make money online from ethical marketers, not someone who would put aside their values just to make a little (or a lot of) money.

I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Maverick Money Makers because:

* Wealthy Affiliate is more affordable at $39/month – MMM costs $97/month.

* Wealthy Affiliate is a more complete membership site with more tools, more resources and quality support. MMM doesn’t have a website builder or free webhosting.

If you’ve had any experience with Maverick Money Makers as a member, your comments are welcomed. Other comments and questions are also welcomed.

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  1. September 1, 2009 has a video on how to get an $18 discount. Check it out if you consider buying this program.

  2. September 13, 2009

    Another independant review on Maverick Money Makers can be found on the Consumer Reports website. Before you invest time and money, you will do well to listen to one person’s experiences with the so-called “Club” and person claiming to be Mack Michaels.

  3. October 12, 2009

    Why don’t you list any independent positive reviews, such as’s editorial <a href=""review of Maverick Money Makers?

  4. October 12, 2009

    I would have loved to list some positive reviews of this program but it was difficult finding any that weren’t affiliates looking to make a buck. I only really look for actual user reviews that are based on their experience with the product. If I find positive reviews then I include them.

    The actual consensus on this product is that it isn’t very good so I’m actually surprised at the high rating you gave Maverick Money Makers.

  5. Jerry permalink
    October 16, 2009


    I’m having trouble understanding what you mean when you say,” it was difficult finding any that weren’t affiliates”.

    Uh, how do you suppose anyone has real knowledge and experience about MMM if they haven’t paid their money and tried the program, and yes, consequently, are an affiliate?

    I guess there are those who can be a clickbank affiliate without actually buying the program, but they really don’t have the use or the experience of MMM so I’m left wonerding how do you know if they have or have not….

  6. October 17, 2009

    Well Jerry, thats the thing. I usually just stay away from all affiliate recommendations and seek out reviews that suggest that the person has had personal experience with the product.

    Maybe the affiliate had experience with the program, maybe he hasn’t. There are ways to find persons with real user experience that aren’t using their affiliate link to recommend the product and they will tell you that its good if its good and if its bad if it is bad. Forums are great places to look.

    You also bring up a point that is interesting. If someone paid their money and joined the program and the only thing they’re learning is how to be an affiliate for that program then that program has failed. You don’t have to pay Maverick Money Makers to become an affiliate when you can just grab the link off Clickbank and promote the program.

  7. November 12, 2009

    If i have to pay someone money to make money then i don’t need that program.
    It is sad for the ones that are out of a job and trying to keep their homes and put food on the table for their and kids. I am a single mom of 3 kids and trying coming up with 95.00 to pay for a program is something i wish i could do. But, If i had 95.00 i would put food on my table. 95.00 is a lot of money to put out when you don’t have it to start with. And trying to come up with 95.00 every mouth?? WOW!! It would be wonderful to find a online work at home job that works and you don’t have to pay someone that says he is rich to learn to work online at home. He is trying to make more money off of the poor.. POOR like ME LOL! It would be nice to find someone that would let you pay when you do make the money from his product. Which i really don’t think that is out there any place. Well, The saying You got to have money to make money is all so true !! SAD but soo very true. People without money can not get a head. Thanks for listening

  8. chelle permalink
    December 30, 2009

    Seems to be the such a truth to what Debra has said. I just wonder how people sleep at night knowing that they have just taken hard earned money from someone who is truly just looking for help. If they wanted to truly help people out they would just help them out not get rich from “helping” them.

  9. February 10, 2010

    Thanks a lot for an unbiased review. I just found your site while researching on google today and will be visiting regularly for new reviews :)

  10. Tracy permalink
    March 21, 2010

    O.K. so from what everyone is saying MMM is a scam. Thank God I didn’t waste my hard earned money on it. I am brand new and want so badly to find a program to teach me step by step how to make money online. But I know nothing about PPC or setting up a website or what an autoresponder is. I have been trying to figure out if there is ANYONE out here that is NOT a scam. If anyone can give me some HONEST information I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Tracy

  11. Dane permalink
    April 17, 2010

    You said you wouldn’t add the reviews from people that were affiliates of the program, but yet you use this very review to promote another program similar to MMM, complete with clickable links and banner ads. Which leads me to wonder if this review runs a long the same lines the people promoting MMM are on with its “trustworthiness”. Not to say I think you are wrong, but in all fairness I do think it is a little bias. Thanks for helping me find a lesser expensive solution though.

  12. April 17, 2010

    Dane, my goal is to help people find programs that help. I can only state my opinion and that has to be done without the influence of other affiliate’s reviews of MMM. Instead, I would rather use genuine customer experiences to evaluate the program.

    I would have loved to recommend Maverick Money Makers but it is what it is. So should I leave people who want to learn about affiliate marketing hanging since they would most likely not want to go with Maverick Money Makers? That would be unfair now, wouldn’t it?

    And that is why I recommended something that I wholeheartedly believe in that can definitely help people who want to learn about affiliate marketing. Of course, I do get the commission but that is besides the point.

    The point is…did I help you in any way in deciding whether or not you should sign up with Maverick Money Makers?

  13. May 27, 2010

    Hi i would be interested in any member of makers who are actually,
    making money.
    I am not a member of this club, but i built a website on it, and promoting it as well .
    I have not yet made a sale and am promoting it with ad words a free ride from them !
    Again i would be interested in any member of makers who are actually,
    making money with this product.

  14. George permalink
    June 29, 2010

    I actually bought MMM and all I can say is disappointed. I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s a scam, but I didn’t make any money with it. I worked hard so I wasn’t just being lazy. I learnt some good info on the way so thats one plus I suppose. Most of my inspiration to make money came from this Retire At 40 Article I really want to escape the 9-5!

    Currently doing whatever it takes to make money online!


  15. Char permalink
    July 31, 2010

    Wealthy Affiliate has raised their membership to $97 per month!

  16. August 1, 2010

    Yeah, they raised the price in June.

    It only makes sense for them to raise the price when other memberships that have 1/10th of the tools and resources cost so much. At the current price, in my opinion it is still very much undervalued and they’re still adding more to make it the only place for serious internet marketers to learn and build their businesses.

  17. AUTHENTIC permalink
    February 24, 2012

    Im not a purchaser or affiliate. I was gonna buy the program after watching the video on the MMM site tht mack Michaels makes look Soooooooooo easy. I was throughly convinced, but,,,, after reading the review(s) Im cool. very discouraging. Whats wrong with these fake azz online bizzes? why dothey get ppls hopes up tht really need help and are doing bad to only put the poor further in debt and make their scandless azzes richer. its not fair all those ppl needa be put in jail and all their undeserved riches stripped from them. no wonder why they put a bogus spokesperson with a bogus name up to promote the program for u to buy. so tht they wont get hunted down and hurt badly. but at the same time i feel sorry for the person thats thrown under the bus and put on video to promote this product for the simple fact tht angry ppl who purchased might look and find him and next thing you know hisazzzz iz grass. i hate this i just want a legit online job not sum scam not sum scheme and sure not sumthng u have to pay f9or ev ry month. where it at????/

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