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Shelly Ryan’s Turbo Cash Generator Review

2009 November 9

tcgenYesterday, I did a review of Shelly Ryan’s Instant Profit Machine and decided to see if she had any other products.

I came across another product she has called Turbo Cash Generator - another unrealistically titled ‘make money fast’ method. Maybe, this time around this product will be worth something. I decided to find out.

Dishonesty At Play

Well, I started at the sales page to see what the product was all about. It had something to do with a software she usesĀ  for making money with twitter.

Apparently, there are similarities with Instant Profit Machine – Shelly makes a whopping $3267.75 every single day.

Can you believe that? Same exact dollar amount every single day? With Twitter?

Now this isn’t what prompted me to speak out against Shelly Ryan’s Turbo Cash Generator. I’m happy that she can make the exact same amount everyday.

Something I saw on the Turbo Cash Generator page, I didn’t like.

Because it was downright dishonest.

Look At ‘Em User Earnings!

Most people will never notice this but take a look at the earnings from one user of the Turbo Cash Generator software.


And take a look at the user earnings from someone who used her Instant Profit Machine Adsense page generator software.


I don’t know about you but even Ray Charles could see that something is wrong here. She uses the exact same earnings screenshot on both products!

This is a prime example of dishonesty and I’ll continue to blast Shelly Ryan if she keeps doing this sort of thing with any of her products.

Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the user testimonials are fake.

Turbo Cash Generator Software Review

So, anyway, lets say you happened to not see this because after all we’re not reviewing sales pages here. What about what Shelly Ryan has to offer?

What about this twitter software and training program? Is it good?

Just like her other product, the Turbo Cash Generator software builds websites on the fly. You will need domain names and hosting as additional costs.

The websites are of poor quality and are designed to promote Shelly Ryan’s other products with review pages. Shelly’s training tells you how to promote these sites on Twitter and shows you how to build followers to promote these sites to.

However, this Twitter training is more about creating spam type accounts and if you want to get labeled as a spammer on Twitter by your followers and get blocked in the process then this is the way to go.

I did some further research on Shelly Ryan and it turns out that she has been creating a less than desirable user experience for Twitter users.

Here she is featured on Twitblock – a service that monitors accounts reported for spam and is one of 20 most prolific spammers on Twitter.


According to Twitblock, Shelly Ryan has over 1400 accounts, with 1372 suspended and 37 active accounts.

Amazing, eh? Is this how you want to go about making money online?

My Verdict on Shelly Ryan’s Turbo Cash Generator

By now, if you’ve read everything here and on the other review, I think you would know enough to avoid Shelly Ryan and her software programs.

Twitter isn’t the easiest platform online to monetize but it is possible to make money using Twitter, even indirectly by implementing other marketing techniques such as list building.

There’s even Sponsored Tweets where you can get paid to send out tweets by advertisers who will pay you.

Beware of anything that promises fast money and automation. While automation is good, the intentions of some of the people behind the programs are less than genuine and can even get you into trouble.

If you want to learn how to make money online the right way, from honest people who have YOUR best interest at stake, then consider Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member there and although its not a one time fee, they can definitely teach you how to make money online if you’re prepared to do the work.

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  1. April 28, 2010

    Shelly Ryan is a scam. I have tried to upload both her Turbo Cash Generator and her
    Instant Profit Machine to a new website and she has both software set up so they will time out before the upload even gets started. She can then sell her software without competition.
    Also she refuses to respond to any email sent her. JUST ANOTHER SCAMMER.

  2. July 15, 2010

    Hello my name is Isaac,the intant profit mechine is a bullstit software,i signed up for it and they took my money right now i am not making no money from all I want to hear is I need my $60 back.
    Thank you

  3. July 15, 2010

    @isaac Instant Profit Machine uses Clickbank for payment processing. Depending on how long ago you bought it, you can visit the Clickbank site and submit a refund request using their order help page.

  4. October 26, 2010

    More and more useless stuff being released and ClickBank is the perfect choice for these scammers. Isn’t it time for ClickBank to block these people. However, if purchased are made thru ClickBank, one can request for refund. You can get your money back, but you can not get your wasted time.

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