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Partner With Paul Review – Another Scam?

2010 January 25

While browsing around this morning, I came across an offer by some guy named Paul Myers who claims that he will show you how he’s making over $100,000 per month using just one website or something to that effect.

He goes on to further claim that he will show you the website for free just like he showed his friend and you’ll be able to “quickly and easily make an extra $500 – $5000 per month.”

Paul then shows some video proof of his income and expenses to satisfy your curiosity and gain your trust. He is able to back up his income claims so I began to wonder what this was all about.

Of course though, he doesn’t come right out and tell you because that is the offer – you have to opt in to find out.

Paul’s button on the lead generation form says “Show Me the Website” so we expect Paul to show us the website he’s making all this money from as soon as you opt in.

Well, we know he’s no Mother Teresa (he says so himself), so we know he has to make money some how.

But how?

How is Paul making money from just showing you this website?

I wanted to investigate a little further but stopped myself short of opting in to see the website.

I guess intuitively, something didn’t seem right to me.

The outrageous though proven income claims. The generous nature of the offer which he was marketing through PPC.

So I did what any other savvy internet shopper would do…well you know me…I hit up Google to dig up what I could find on this Partner with Paul offer.

As I suspected, there was something wrong with this offer and one guy who had tried it dished the dirt.

…if he were TRULY ‘upfront and honest’ he would tell you right off the bat that this is HERBALIFE!!

Herbalife may be a good company, but it has definitely suffered from typical MLM associated problems, at least as far as IMAGE is concerned!
That’s why most MLM’s won’t even tell you their name until they feel they have your complete attention.

I got involved though, as far as getting the ‘work at home starter kit’ because, he offered to pay for the shipping. AND, he promised I’d be earning money within TWO WEEKS of receiving the ‘the work at home starter kit’.

Apparently he did pay for shipping.
I got the $9.95 shipping cost refunded to my PAYPAL account.

I see no way in hell that one can make a DIME with that ‘work at home starter kit’ though!
He also offers some free memberships in online opps that are supposed to make money for you.
Since you won’t make any money doing surveys or working an online dollar store either, you will have to pay to ship that ‘work at home starter kit’ BACK to where it came from – and where it BELONGS!

That’s the whole of the story basically but for details:

The $9.95 ‘work at home starter kit’ is no more than an advertisement package:
A 12 page booklet with one CD and one DVD in the inner folds.
The ENTIRE DVD is a presentation on the value of a home based business v. working for someone else.
(Does anyone already looking to do a home business really need this kind of reminder?
Seems like a waste of a DVD to me!)

The CD is an audio collection of success statements of those who got involved with OBS (online business systems – but really HERBALIFE).

The 12 page booklet partially describes this ‘opportunity’ in every way, except to tell you that it’s HERBALIFE!
And, you won’t find the word HERBALIFE mentioned in the DVD, CD, or booklet!

This 12 page booklet and CD/DVD will ‘cost’ you $39.95 if you don’t return it in a ‘resaleable condition’.

But I fail to see where a 12 page document (hardly even a booklet) and two discs are worth $39.95 in the first place!
I also fail to see where this is a ANY kind of ‘work at home starter kit’ either.
I know I can’t start work at home using this kit!

‘Paul’ said that within 2 weeks they will ask you for $39.95 but ‘you will have earned way more by that time’.
I guess this is supposed to refer to the programs he offers in conjunction with the ‘partner with paul’ package:
And some other program so equally useless, I am not even going to go through the trouble of trying to re-locate the name of.

You will finally find out you are previewing HERBALIFE when your ‘coach’ gives you the call.
My coach was polite and informative and also mentioned that ‘they’ weren’t taking a hard line on the return of the $39.95 ‘package’ as to deadline or condition – just be reasonable.
That’s good.

Doing HERBALIFE requires scheduling phone calls so I would reject their offer on that basis alone – which could have saved EVERYONE involved in this both time AND money, if they had simply told me that beforehand (I will have to pay to mail this package-thing back after all!).

I believe my coach was making money with HERBALIFE but, once I heard the name HERBALIFE associated with OBS – after doing some ‘googling’, I was turned off and hoping that I would discover something different when I received my package.

Mr. ‘Upfront and Honest’ says that the offer expires on ‘midnight or sooner’ of whatever day you click on to

And apparently, this ‘offer’ hasn’t ‘expired’ yet!

Herbalife, eh? No, thank you!

Bless the guy who took time to detail his experience with the Partner for Paul offer.

And just in case you thought the above review was a sole case, here’s another experience for you to consider.

At the “Partner With Paul” ( website it stated they’d send me a “System For Wealth/Work-at-Home Kit” for $9.95, including refund instructions on the $9.95 should I choose to ask for it. I don’t have a mailing address for Paul. There’s a contact form on his website and that’s it.

To sign up, I was led to – a sales/signup page signed by Tanya Philips – Davis, and Warren Davis, that included the mailing address:

The Online Business
6 Linden Loop Minot AFB, ND. 58704 888-421-4850

I received a video and audio CD in the mail from South Dakota, but the ONLY thing on the CD’s were GENERIC customer testimonials and benefits about running a business from home. I still had no idea as to the company, the product(s) or the specifics of the offer. This could in no way, shape or form be considered a “Work From Home System Kit.” In other words the CDs were totally worthless.

Several days later I received a phone call at which time I expressed my displeasure with the “Kit” materials. I did finally learn that the opportunity entailed becoming an Herbal-life dealer. Spoke with someone by the name of Justin.

I didn’t sign up at the time, explaining that I would need to look into it further, now that I knew who the company was, before making a decision.

After some additional research, and more emails from Justin Leleiwi, and after talking to him on the phone again, I decided to pass. I told him about the $9.95 refund and he said he didn’t know anything about it. He also said I had to return the CD’s or I’d be charged for them ($40), so I did return them to him.

Seriously, there’s absolutely no way I could justify using those CD’s to recruit people. Reputations are important, and making people pay out more than $10 for a bunch of (TOTAL) crap… well, you know.

Justin Leleiwi – Georgia 31312 –

I also sent the refund request to, quoting the refund offer as it was noted on the original sales page, sending a copy to Justin too – in case he might help get that straightened out. No response.

Well here it is mid-June and today Justin charged me for the CD’s anyway. I’m going to dispute the charge, on SEVERAL! counts.

This is no way for them to be running a business, and I expect a COMPLETE refund of all charges, immediately.

Apparently Partner for Paul dates back to 2008 from what I’ve seen and it is still going so people need to be informed about what they’re getting into before they find themselves in a situation they would rather not be in. The above experiences should serve as testimony that you do not, under any circumstances, want to partner with Paul.

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  1. August 30, 2010

    they,this is not possible in africa

  2. August 30, 2010

    this working on line possible in africa

  3. August 31, 2010

    Yes Jane, working online is possible in Africa. You can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

    You would want to start with something else other than Partner with Paul though.

  4. Moni permalink
    October 19, 2010

    Glad to see that someone is checking and keeping track of these jerks, I always Google before I go any further, with multiple sites. Like millions of others (I’m sure) I would love to be able to work at home, (personally in an Administrative Assistant type role, don’t like selling stuff); but I’ve pretty much ruled it out.

    When job searching on line, doing apps etc. you get all this “Work at Home” junk emailed to you. It’s a full time job in its self just weeding through everything. My parents always taught me “If it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it is.” There are a lot of good people out there who just want to live, and while “Buyer Beware!” should always be in the fore front of our minds folks get desperate, hell people spend money they don’t have on lottery tickets, hoping to win it’s really sad!

    Thanks for keeping us informed, I think these jerks should go to jail!

  5. Jean permalink
    December 7, 2010

    Thanks! I had posted an ad on Craigslist and this guy emailed me with his offer. Watched the video and did click to the next step and, just like you, decided to Google “Partner with Paul” before I went further. Thank you for taking the time to write this review so I didn’t waste more time!

  6. Dave Bruton permalink
    January 3, 2011

    Thank you for saving me a lot of time and trouble. Do you happen to know of any legitimate work at home offers?

  7. Rob Lewis permalink
    January 18, 2011

    Been out of work for a while(you know, recession). I’m in my late 40′s-not as easy to find a job as when I was in my 20′s & 30′s so I’m starting to feel a little desperate.

    Anyway, I’m surfing “work at home gigs” & I come across Partner With Paul. He stood out from the rest, has a smooth spill & almost pulled me in. On the page where they ask you to sign up, Paul says he has been rated A+ by the BBB(Better Business Bureau). I clicked on & saw exactly that…was almost sold but not 100%.

    Then I stumbled across this page & read the comments. I’m so glad I did! I opened up a new page(independent of Paul’s page) & clicked on to BBB. Upon entering Partner With Paul, you will find that on a scale of A to F, he has been rated “F” with an explanation of how they arrived at that grade.The BBB on Paul’s page is not authentic.

    I’m just a regular guy trying to raise a family & feel like a functional part of society. This guy is preying on those of us who may be feeling a little desperate & reaching out for something more. Beware! He’s a shark, a wolf, a snake, all of that.

  8. January 18, 2011

    Rob, thanks for letting us know about the BBB thing. That is in fact a very slimy move I didn’t know about. *smh*

  9. Rob Lewis permalink
    January 18, 2011

    You’re welcome, no problem. I’m just glad there’s a site where people can go & gather the real info. Definitely saved me from a mountain of stress. Thank you!

  10. gay lyn permalink
    January 22, 2011

    Well,I all most gave my money to this lying scam artist.Thank you BBB and all the others for your info.If there are any,real home based jobs. I would be interested in knowing about them………..thanks again for letting us know about people like this.

  11. don permalink
    February 7, 2011

    thanks for letting me know before i involve my self in that stupid crap that i will rather at the end of the day regret my pitiful life. Well i would rather consider that business as a scam it’s better to go to school and earn a degree rather than hanging your head up on scam.

  12. February 15, 2011

    Thanks for the info about this guy. I plan on checking in often to see who else is out there scamming, because by just googleing someone you don’t alway get the big picture, and as one who has already been taken advantage of by one of these scamsters, I want to congratulate you on a very well written,well thought and informative blog
    warm regards

  13. March 19, 2011

    This is very helpful to me because I am currently looking for an online job or any work at home opportunity. Indeed there are a lot of schemes online which has only one goal. To take advantage of unsuspecting people who are only looking for an opportunity to better their life. I am altogether sad when I think of how many people Paul Myers has scammed. Then again, I believe in karma….

  14. Heather permalink
    March 21, 2011

    So, I didn’t go through this partner with paul but I will tell you exactly what it is. This is their lead collection. What they do, when you get in, is charge you 50 a month for websites, then you can pay and they PUSH it on you over thousands of dollars to get leads (which this is where partner with paul comes in). Do the leads work? Sometimes. I spent $4000, and got $1000 back. I worked in Herbalife for a year. Herbalife is not a scam. Once I realized this *team* was a scam I left it. Nothing but on the phone 24/7 and charging people money. Have kids? well they are not important enough. Need time off? sorry, you have a call to attend. Want it to be your own business? No sorry, you have to have your mentor on the call with you constantly until your *ready*. Anyways, I love the products, lost 85 pounds with them. BUT THE BUSINESS SUCKS. After a year, I just dropped all websites and keep it for personal use. So it’s not only under Partner with Paul but you will get this same kit with a dvd and they will do a call and everything with you. So if you start seeing this, GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Don’t waste your money!

  15. April 10, 2011

    Thank you for the honesty. I was wanting to check into this. And was wanting to do something new. NOT THIS! Having a hard time making money, so why would I want to loose it. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS! Thanks again :)

  16. Sue permalink
    May 16, 2011

    Oh No. I wish I had of read these first. I just signed up for the dvd package. I will now at least cancel asap. Thank you all for taking the time to right your thoughts. I think it will save me in the long run. Cheers Sue:)

  17. Debra permalink
    July 1, 2011

    I made lots of money doing the online business with Herbalife. The people that don’t make money are the ones that are not willing to work. That is apparently a lot of people. I make money every singel month and have built a sizeable business and will be making a 6-figure income this year. I guess you’ve got to have faith in yourself and not quit when the going gets tough. That holds true for almost anything. So instead of stopping at the cover of the book, maybe you should open it and read to the end.

  18. Mandy permalink
    July 26, 2011

    So Debra are u partnering with paul?

  19. Math permalink
    August 20, 2011

    YEAH, I talked to these same people, ONLINE BUSINESS SYSTEM. I liked the idea of the program, PAUL is just a marketer, probably “affiliate marketing” which seems like the ONLY real way to make money on this God-forsaken World Wide Web. It’s like a spider that has us all. ANYways, they dropped the bomb on me when I talked to a lady on the phone from the business. I need $399 + in order to get the REAL kit. If I had the $ at the time I would have even given it to them, regardless of the SHENANIGANS they were pulling. I just can’t stand how they reel you in like bait. MAYBE, it is all BS. But it my eyes, the presentation was the best I had ever seen, and I’ve seen A LOT. So good that I figured HELL, they deserve the $$.

  20. Karena permalink
    October 10, 2011

    Here’s a big thank you from me, too. I am retired but was looking for something just to give me spending money for Christmas to pay off any charge card Christmas expenses. I was almost roped into this. It sounds like they will nickel-and-dime you to death before you get what you need. I don’t have the time or can spare the expense.

  21. fay permalink
    October 10, 2011

    Thank you all so much for your comments,I almost got sucked in, but i thought this deal sound too good to be true,so i followed my gut reaction and google partner with paul,I really think this was my lucky day.

  22. October 19, 2011

    I wish I had read this first! I’ve went through “theonlinebussiness” and it is the same by the sounds of it. I emailed them back asap (within the hour) of receiving a call from my so called coach who said she is going to mail out my so called $9.95 package. Sounds like another scam. I’ve also read that some are getting charged the $39.95 even after they cancel before the 14 day trial period.
    Thanks for all of you who posted comments on here. Good to see a little research being done on these loosers with an “F” rating at the BBB, not an A rating like they say.
    Thanks again and good luck everyone!

  23. Jumpin' Joey Benzino permalink
    November 16, 2011

    I did the same as all above me here, googled Paul just to see how much truth there is to this kind of stuff, as I figured its pretty much the same b.s. as back in the early part of this decade only they are more fancier and a bit more sophisticated than back in those days. Theses guys used to yell at you to join up with them big block letters and give you deadlines as when to join up….its a real desperate world out there these days. Where’s the honesty all gone?

  24. Judy permalink
    December 11, 2011

    Thanks so much for taking time to let us know. I would be very upset to find out that I received a kit that cost $39.95, after all the hype about not charging any money. Not to mention the $9.95 shipping cost.

  25. January 1, 2012

    a few years back I got involved with Paul’s bag of tricks and went for the whole deal and even sent in the $39.95 but luckily after googeling a few days later. It left me wondering, then I got a call from some one and his wife and conversed very innocently giving me a pitch and him telling me that HE HAD BEEN WITH THEM for 6 months and that he had finally earned his first $2000 he gave me month to month earnings starting with the first only earning $125 and graduating to no more than $400 by the fifth month. It all sounded very legit,there were no promises and he informed me it took him a lot of time and welcomed me to the system and then he asked me about certain info that was in my package and to play certain CD’s.The first $9.95 CD and the package did not arrive until 3 days later and he was unaware of that until I informed him, that I did not receive any of it. He legitimatly sounded surprised about that and gave me his phone number and asked me to call as soon as it came, So that we could talk about it
    He was very surprised that I had not received either of them yet.
    It then put me on guard and I figured they wait 5 days for you to get the first CD and then a sponsor calls you. It all came after the first CD time was past the due date to return it to get the $9.95 back. When it did come I was surprised that the main package came with it. So I checked with my bank and sure enough they had accessed my card account for $39.95.That really pissed me off because I thought they they wanted to get that money first before they shipped, But I figured they would return the $39.95 Because that was what they stated in there agreement conditions that thirty days after the reviewing, if you sent it back in good condition you would get your money back . Well I didn’t review it, I didn’t even open the main package.I called my sponsor and left a message on his voice mail 3 days in a row with no return call from him until 5 days after my calls to him. He opologized and said he and his wife had to fly back to his wifes parents because of sickness or some such reason. I informed him that I had already returned everything on the third day that I called him,also that I had not received my refund.He mentioned that they might not refund the $39.95 Because I was supposed to call him first so he could set up a return Authorization Number and with out a prior number they do not return the $39.95 then he said he was going to see if he can save me the next $39.95 fee for the next month. that is when I found out that when you sign on you are going to pay that sum every month
    while learning. BUT that he was sure there would be no problem,he would go to bat for me and if they refused to refund it then he would return the 39.95 to me out of his pocket He asked me to give him 3 days for it to show up and that he would call me the next day to fill me in as to progress I said O.K. BUT on the third day if it was not in my bank account. everyone in the world is going to hear about how Herble Life is functioning with SCAMS by me through the Rip Off report web site. And it does not come off for one year. NOW how do you think Herble Life will feel about that FREE advertizing ! He did call me
    the next day to tell me that Herble was not going to refund my money
    but he did himself as promised and on the third day it was back in the bank but not the $9.95 but that was ok with me. Thanks for listening also I discovered that partnering with Paul has other websites under different headings and sopme names That are misleading because women are heading them like single mothers destitute and are nmow now earning $ 6000 a month at home.Two other,s that show a woman and her husband and childI Iguess in a park picnicking or some kind of scenic setup with her name setup with another home business with the same people only different names. They might be Paul,s because they follow the same proceedures and patterns and formats and maybe they are not Pauls Now what does that tell you.Good luck friends and be carefull I learned the hard way at least 28 different scams but I got all my money back. because I know how. Robert

  26. Sam permalink
    January 27, 2012

    SCAM>..Partner with Paul has been sending HUNDREDS OF EMAILS EVERY DAY to my inbox so it is full EVER YDAY>..EVERYDAY> If I go to unsubscribe it sends more.
    DO NOT PUT YOUR EMAIL in his info box.
    Not kidding ! HUNDREDS of emails everyday. About 1 a minute. This is terrible

  27. chris permalink
    May 17, 2012

    So im in a really bad pickle i need a job but almost no one is hiring. Does anyone know any legit online job. Im not trying to get rich but i would like to make a decent living. I almost fell for pauls tricks but luckily i read the reviews. So any help anyone?

  28. Donna permalink
    May 23, 2012

    Just in the nick of time Thanks everyone for sharing your information sorry that anyone has to go through that just by looking for a home job thats so sad just to make some extra money for your family. That’s not right at all. We all need to report every little detail constantly because these scammer are living it up from other peoples money. Again thank god we have people like you to take the time and report this unpleasent problem.

  29. Doug permalink
    September 20, 2012

    I am glad I read this review because a few years ago I fell for the Herbalife Bussiness and it was not for me Thanks for the review

  30. Got Scammed permalink
    October 23, 2012

    Do some research online and you will it is a scam. Many complaints to the Better Business Bureau already against Partner With Paul LLC.

    My arguments:
    1-no information to explain what the business is about (it is in fact MLM or network marketing)
    2-the company that will “sell” you products is called Herbalife (do a search you will find some not very good things about this company)
    2-when you sign up (9.95 for the 14-day trial) they will still charge 39.95 after the 14-day trial period
    3-impossible to reach anyone by email or phone

    Amazing, isn’t it!!

    Anyone interested in this program please read all you can about this to be aware of the true nature of this scam, don’t waste your time and money.

  31. Lori permalink
    April 22, 2013

    thank u so much for every ones input.. i almost made the mistake of purchasing the “kit” for $9.95.. lol . some how i had closed out the web site and then tried to find it again, only to run across this page.. thank u Jesus for reviling the scam to me. God Bless u all!

  32. Kassandra permalink
    July 9, 2013

    I’m an independent distributor for Herbalife and a personal trainer. It’s unfortunate that a scam is connected to them as they are a good product and business set up. I posted an add on Craigs list about wellness coaching and personal training and got an email from Paul glad I Google it first though. I don’t want to be scammed or be a scammer

  33. Ricardo permalink
    September 8, 2013

    This. Paul Guy. Stole my $9.95 can anyone help me get it back, I have a pay pal account, yet. He refuses to refund it.

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