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SMC Complaints May Expose an SMC Scam

2010 February 3

When I wrote the article on how to sell SMC products online, I wrote it to guide people who were already SMC product resellers who would like to market the products. It’s still a good guide on how to do so with even better alternatives to the program.

I stated in the article that I wouldn’t do the SMC opportunity because I wasn’t a big fan of face to face selling and the way it was structured wasn’t my cup of tea. Further, I went on to state my observations of what other people thought about SMC – the quality of the products weren’t that good etc.

On doing some additional research, it seems that SMC may actually be something you want to stay away from. At least hide your credit cards.

Unclear Refund Policy?

When I read the membership agreement on the SMC website, the cancellation policy states that you will get a refund of your payment minus shipping and handling of the kit. Fair enough.

4. Cancellation. If you cancel your membership within 30 days of joining SMC, you may be eligible for a refund of your membership fees (excluding shipping and handling). Call toll free 1-877-523-9088 for eligibility and cancellation instructions.

What they failed to mention though was how that refund will be issued.

The above investigation was done after I saw one complaint from a member and SMC’s response.

Member complaint (excerpt from email communication with SMC Corp.)

Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 9:52 PM
To:; techsupport;
Cc: ME

Please help me, I am at your mercy. Please refund me at least $2388.00
otherwise I will never forgive myself. It is hurting me from within. It is a
real mental torched. Please help me.

May God give you the reward if you return my money.



From: ME

Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 5:42 PM

To: ; ;

Cc: ME


Dear SMC/eMC

Please help me get my money back. I am a disabled person without income. I
have 6 kids all under 16. I worked hard in my life and then lost my job. I
borrowed some money from my sister to start SMC business after I got
convinced by watching SMC ad on the TV. Please help me. If you cannot refund
all, then please at least refund some of it. I have lost this money like I
dropped a my bag on the street. I hope you will have some soft corner for
the needy people. I am already indebted heavily. I am really sorry I tried
to be tough, but you guys are tougher, indeed. Please let me know if you can
help me. Thanks!

08/25/2009 Debit Card Transaction EMC*EMERCHANTCLUB 877-38 08/24EMC*EMERC
$2,388.00 Payment for Unknown Service
07/31/2009 Debit Card Transaction EMC*EMERCHANTCLUB 877-38 07/30EMC*EMERC
$3,754.40 Super Deluxe Package
07/16/2009 Debit Card Transaction SMC*MERCH/MEMB 800-345-4 07/15SMC*MERCH
$499.95 SMC Membership Fees

$6642.35 TOTAL
Other amount was lost for this deal


Here’s SMC’s response which reveals what’s really up with the refund policy.

Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2009 5:55 PM
To: ME


I am very sorry, but there is no cash refund for the $2388.00. We can only
refund your SMC account in merchandise credit. We had talked about this on
11:14 AM and I told you that you were within our 30-day policy for a refund,
but only in credit to purchase merchandise. This credit is now available in
your SMC account for you to use.

This credit is good for one year so please contact SMC to have them help you
choose products to sell and redeem this money back and hopefully more.



Cancelation/Refund Department
eMerchantClub LLC
996 Flower Glen Street
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(877) 384-4691 Phone
(888) 201-2680 Fax

*****Please do not delete any part of this message when replying as it may
be used in the tracking and resolution of this issue.*****

So you can’t really get your money back from SMC even if you sent the kit back within 30 days and qualify for a refund.

Instead they force you to do their business by having you claim some of their products so that you can sell those off to get your money back.

This has got to be illegal in some kind of way. I have no idea but if I decided that I didn’t want to sell SMC products, why should I be forced to do that just do I could get my money back?

There is another shocking revelation in those emails. What’s up with those figures spent on an SMC membership!? Did the member just spend over $6000? I thought the membership only cost a few hundred dollars max.

That’s what the average user might think but what they don’t see coming is the upsells from SMC that will promise them website packages and coaching that guarantees they will succeed and these apparently come at a 4 figure cost.

To me, these are unnecessary and overpriced.

By comparison, you can build a profitable website for less than $100 and  get all the coaching you need to build a full time income from home using a site I use called Wealthy Affiliate, which I mentioned in the other article, and it would all cost you less than the price of an SMC membership for just one year.

Also reports of SMC tying up credit cards with charges after they were stopped doesn’t help. There’s a whole thread with SMC complaints here and I’ll just quote a few for you to see that this is just not the kind of business you want to get involved with for a number of reasons including the possibility that you may not be able to sell the products.

I can sure tell you they took my wife’s money and didn’t help her at all. They promise coach’s, support, web sites, and all kinds of junk and then do nothing but take money out of your account. My wife called to cancel within the 30 days and they said she was past the time…

…I told him I wanted to go ahead and build my website like they talked about on TV, that I was ready now, could he please help me with that? He says yes, for another $1,500.00!! I told him I didn’t have that kind of money, that it took all I had just to join SMC, and that it sounded like the website was included when you join! As soon as I told him I didn’t have the money, he just stopped talking. I mean…he really did just sit there on the phone, and wouldn’t talk to me!

I can only say that communication with them is impossible. I cancelled within the 30 days they require, and yet they continued billing my credit card. I wrote them and e-mailed them to no avail. I challenged the card charges and were paid back the money-only to have them turn it over to a collection agency!

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  1. Brenda Longo permalink
    March 3, 2010

    I had decided to try to start a business. SMC promises so much. i joined and got the kit--which is worthless by the way. i paid $400 for the kit. (their prices range form $200-$500 for the kit, depending on how many notices they send you before you agree to join) so i get this kit, watch a DVD, read through the booklets and try to get all the info i could. it then said to call my business coach, which i would have for a whole year instead of just the 90 days. she then convinced me to spend over $5,000 to upgrade my membership, get a gift card redemption site,catalogs,gift cards ect. asked me to call and set up the gc website with another gentleman named Justin. then through him i had to spend over another $5,000. this was to get my website functioning, they do all the work to keep the online catalog updated throughout the year. a couple weeks later i get a phone call from a Steve Johnson at emerchant club. he wanted ocer $2,200 to make it so my website is even better. then first time customers didnt have to use a gift card. they could pay by credit card, pay pal ect. a couple weeks later i still have no website. he calls yet again and wants more money. i explained how much money i have spent and have nothing to show for it. and how i am a single mother at the moment and cannot keep shelling out money when i dont make any. he puts me on hold and says he talked to his boss and can offer me the same package for a little less. (this is what they all did to make you feel like your getting a really good deal. i blew up at him. he said he’d call after my website was up. and he did, and of course they want more money. then i get a call from another gentleman who says my website needs work. so now i have all this money invested, a website, tons of catalogs and gift cards, but none of it works. still cant place orders, no money coming in to pay bills. i wasnt expecting to get rich, but at least be able to make a steady income like they said was possible. and not for them to drain my bank account. i have nothing now. i had registered for their website. now it tells me i am not a member. they also try to make you feel better about investing. well over $16,000 spent and i had over $9,000 in credit for merchandise, supp;ies or whatever. i just received an invoice the other day that i got charged $314.95 for membership/renewal fees out of my credits. (membership is supposed to be for a full year!) so now my credits are down to $7,000.and i have no way to use them. my member number doesnt exist, but yet when these people call me they have to tell me my #. my member # is 72147690-69. (they use just the first 8).i am at my wits end and feel so heartbroken and foolish now. i have all these notebooks with so many different names and numbers for these people.but yet i cant get anywhere. please someone help!
    thank you

  2. March 3, 2010

    Hello Brenda,

    Sorry to hear about your trials with this company. The first thing I thought about is to take legal action against them. Seeing a lawyer might be the best plan of action.

    I’d also advise you to report them to the FTC and ask them what they can do for you.

  3. oldworker permalink
    March 5, 2010

    i worked for that company, i can say this to you and any one who mite want to join this company to make a better life!….. DONT DO IT….ITS ALL lies!!!!! horrible place and they lie about the couching!!! if you have any question ill be more then happy to help you but it is all lies!!!!!

  4. March 6, 2010

    I signed up for e merchant,then canceled it and they keep taking money out of my account. Is there any way I could stop them.They did replace some money and they still took more money. What can I do.

  5. avad permalink
    April 18, 2010

    thank you i will not join

  6. GEORGE DRESCHER permalink
    April 19, 2010


  7. Karen Herzog permalink
    April 24, 2010

    I just re-joined SMC within the last couple weeks. This is the 2nd time i have joined.

    Back in the 1990′s, i joined and my membership was just $ 249.00. I made payments on it. I had no website. I did sell quite a bit of merchandise @ Flea Markets, and Garage Sales.

    Now i am worried after reading the above statements that give them a negative rating ! I just invested $5,000 for the website and $ 499.95 for the kit.

  8. April 24, 2010

    See that’s the thing. $5000 for a website?

    And you probably wouldn’t even own the site outright. In my business, I can get a website up and it would cost me less than $10/month for hosting and about $10/year for the domain name. When you have a domain name and hosting you own the website and can do anything with it. That’s about $130/year just to have a website that works for you.

    And if you learn affiliate marketing you can make back your $130 and more over and over so that you’re not losing money.

    These companies that charge you thousands of dollars to set up a website are really taking advantage of people. Better to just invest the money on an education in online marketing and you’ll do a whole lot better for a whole lot less.

    Also, I’m of the opinion that the website should be free and included in every package of the $499 fee. They want to sell more product then this is how they should do it. Maybe to them it’s not about selling more product than it is about making as much money off each customer as they can. That’s just my opinion.

  9. molly permalink
    April 30, 2010

    The only way to stop any of these companies is to dispute the charge by sending a letter to your credit card company explaining why the charge was fraudulent based on the claims made by a company. Send a copy to the FTC and Attorney General. Then ask your credit card company to issue a new card number so they can’t keep charging!!!

  10. April 30, 2010

    Here’s a video from the FTC that shows how to file a complaint.

  11. June 17, 2010

    I got the paperwork for them in 1985 and saw that they were just a front for the printing industry who makes money on printing mail out catalogs and you pay the postage for mailing them out. They are just like any other corporation that you may be working for, finding new ways to to market and creating policy as they go with lawyers so that they don’t lose any legalized stealing rights.

  12. Bruce McClarron permalink
    June 24, 2010

    Do NOT touch SMC or any of the other so-called business opportunities advertised on late night infomercials…..I have been on the Internet now for 15 yrs. and have seen just about every scam out there!

    If you need advise or help with a problem or a fraudulent/scam company or business -- then email me -- I will try to help you or offer advise….for FREE!! NO joke -- I take satisfaction in bringing these companies down…or at least STOPPING them steal innocent peoples $$$!!

  13. June 26, 2010

    If you have to buy something or give the company a credit card number, run!!!! All they want is your money!!!

  14. kristyal permalink
    July 9, 2010

    actually SMC is not a scam i paid $600 for my catologs and website and $114.95 for my membership. thats $700 so whoever is saying they spent thousands on a website is lying. ive spent $700 so far and ive been a member since june thats only one month. ive made over $500 so far in sales. so smc is not a scam people are just lazy you have to go out there and market these products you cant just have a website and expect to get rich you have to work. although it depends on your location you can make money with smc. ive made almost all my money back and its only the first month. imagine how much ill make during the holiday season. so whoever says you need thousand of dollars to start is lying i paid $600 and that included 500 dollars in gift cards and my website and a $200 credit which i used to buy abou 250 catologs.

  15. July 9, 2010

    Kristyal, congrats on making SMC work for you.

    Unfortunately, there are reports of people being charged thousands. I doubt they’re lying and the quoted correspondence clearly shows that one member asked for a refund of over $2000 and was told they couldn’t get it back…they had to receive the equivalent in member credits.

    This kind of thing happens a lot with these biz-ops that are advertised on late night infomercials. I can think of another two that I’ve reviewed with the same kind of stories.

    Sorry, it doesn’t look good at all but I’m glad that you’re doing well with it.

  16. amanda permalink
    July 21, 2010

    I have not started yet but I am suppost to get my kit sent to me on Monday I have already given them my CC info, should I cancle my card? I just started doing reseach on the company and it does not sound good if any one could help that would be great also if any one has some contact info they could give me I would gladly take it.

  17. July 21, 2010

    Hello Amanda, I think there’s some contact info in one of the quoted text from the article.

  18. francis m benson permalink
    July 24, 2010

    I saw the SMC commercial with the Happy Days guy. I lost money in USANA back in the late 90s. It seemed to me that this was just MLM without the ML.
    And I never knew anyone who bought that kind of a trinket from anyone else.
    Did people who did SMC think they were going to resell that crap to antique stores?
    But they lead you to believe that it only costs $25 to get started. If this kind of bait and switch is legal, it should not be. One thing about MLM vitamin companies- when you quit, they will cancel your autoship, no
    questions asked.

  19. July 27, 2010

    Kristyal, how can you say it’s not a scam when you have only been with them 1 month? I’m very surprised that Tom Bosley has his name associated with this outfit. I have thought about joining in the past and so has my brother. After seeing all of these negative posts, I’m sure glad we didn’t. I don’t know if there is anyone out there who is legitimately interested in helping the not so fortunate get just a little bit ahead.

  20. mike permalink
    July 29, 2010

    of all the people who complain I see a few who have a positive comment in every blog of this topic. I have known in my life a lot of people who can’t go through normal daily motions without complaining about something and never see themselves accountable for their misfortunes. I have been very informed always as to my account status and place in the smc world , I have never even been approached with a dollar amt as high as some of the posts above , and lastly I had the startup kit mailed to me for $9.95 (shipping and handling only) and have paid $99.95 full membership fee and $114.00 in catalogs and gift cards.If you listen carefully and read thoroughly you will know that the free website included in the startup fees is only for gift card customers (the first time they make a purchase ) , after they register at your site they can buy products at their leisure gift card or not. If you chose to upgrade to a search engine friendly ecomerce website offered through smc you will be paying somewhere between 500 and 1200 for that website to be created , set up with paypal , and avail for customers to make purchases immediately , you are in control of the pricing , the deals / sales / promotions what products are featured etc…. (you should be comfortable on a computer if you intend on managing a website) THE KEY<<<< you must promote yourself , as with websites , if a tree falls in the middle of the forest it may make a sound but who will hear it ? answer: only those who happened to be around .. If you are gonna start a website get people to notice it or it will go unnoticed.. with that being said you can go through smc to promote your website with an expense (not the route i chose) , or you can research ways to promote on your own , or you can go through an independent source. "be resourceful" NO BUSINESS IS GUARANTEED TO SUCCEED out of every success there are 99 failures due to various causes. If you failed , accept it and move on. LASTLY if you want to contact smc and you are a member you have their contact info.. there is a fraud alert that they post warning of those posing to be affiliated and if someone is contacting you … you should be leery of who it really is , agreeing to all these extra charges over and over again for these various services and upgrades before you have even tested the waters to see if you can sell the product seems ,,, well ,,, ignorant and naive… My condolences to all who have spent more than they should and have buyers remorse and all who have been mislead by a fraudulent "affiliate" of smc….

  21. RGVSR permalink
    July 30, 2010

    tHIS IS EXACTLY WHY I TELL EVERYONE IF ITS TO GOOD TO BE TURE,it useually is a lie from hell, people in the world today are ruthless and more greedy then antytime in the history of the world, you can blame our leaderrs and big business govermment tied to all these big business corporations, i feell so sorry for you and all, that listen to there lieying B/S. please always in the future triple check, any business that you are going to give your hard earned money to, business in todays world is 100 percent lies, and dishonesty and greed. im so sorry to have to be the one to give you this negativity, but if we listen to God and follow his wordsof instructions,then we can better decern the devil in all of the devils greeedy business men and women of todays world, look, wallstreet,housing,realators,morgates companies, brokers, and all banks are all crooks, and so are our leaders,and judges that even sit on the bench, when they took God out of government and schools, they cursed our great once nation, stand with the people and fight back and ask for jail time and huge fines for all these swindalers, in government and big busness. lessons teach us every day, the sharks and the words of prophecy are truly being fullfilled, evryone will want to be in business, a job that does nothing but play golf and cheat and steal from the common people, you see it on the news every day, ask and vote for more and more reform against big businesss and our government leaders, please, our think of what will and is going to happen to our children and grandkids. doctors, healthcare, hospitals,and now even food , is so out of control people cant even eat healthy. we the people write your leaaders and start a petetion or a group for we the peole and lets send the crooks to jail! in Jesus mighty name we ask it, for justice and rightousness, alone!

  22. Rebecca Salman permalink
    August 14, 2010

    Hi I am a 20 year old college student who was just looking for an online opportunity for the summer. I wanted to start my own business and was very naive and SMC was able to lie and decieve me into thinking that any online business cost almost 2,000 dollars to fund and keep going. I had my credit card company investigate the claims and those bastards at SMC claim to have proof that I knew that the website which I was overcharged for..once I realized this was a scam I sent everything back and I moved o well it seems SMC won’t back down and there has got to be something I can do.. I don’t have the money to pay them, and if I don’t my credit is going to plummet. Please help me! I just found out I may have a kidney stone again and I really don’t need the stress right now! There has go to be a way around this! Please anyone help me!

  23. August 14, 2010

    Hello Rebecca,

    You might want to report them to the FTC. The FTC may be able to help you and others get your money back.

    Please see the video I posted earlier in the comments.

    Also I was very upset that SMC would say it takes $2000 to fund any type of online business. It cost far less in some cases. I made a post on my other blog addressing this issue. Please check it out.

  24. September 13, 2010

    Wish I had thought about seeing if SMC was a scam or not. I applied for a member ship and have been pissed with them since I got it. My coach took forever to return my calls, left multiple ones. You can never get in touch with someone immediately or if at all. I tried talking to someone about canceling my account before my 30 days were up, and guess what, I had to leave a message and no one called me back. So here I am on hold again!!!! Also I got charged for the web site which I didn’t want in the first place, due to severe money constraints, and they kept sending any information I needed to an email address I no longer have…… They can’t even give you someone to talk to in order to cancel your membership!!!!! just an!@#$%^&*()_+ recording. (I’m sorry I hope this still gets posted.) Now I’m off to call my lawyer.

  25. Paul permalink
    September 14, 2010

    I have followed SMC for over 20 years, I have made my fair share of money, As much as $2000 to $3000 a weekend at flea markets. I tried the ecommerce web site back in 2002 at that time there was way to many SMC product web sites out there to make any money. I can imagine it right now. As Jay has been saying you don’t need their web site to make money, try another one. Don’t by the kits they offer, Do your research. If you plan to do flea markets go and check them out first and know whats in the catalog. Ask questions from vendors, find out what sells and at what price. Generally about 20% off retail is what I sell for at a Flea Market and gives room for other discounts. It also might be cheaper for you to make up your own catalogs. If you do flea markets use the word of mouth for your web site also. It takes work to make the system to work. I will be checking out Jays site for possible ventures.
    Cost of web site, hosting fees, Domain cost, ecom host so you can accept credit card. Sorry I am old fashion I still like the face to face sale

  26. crystal permalink
    September 14, 2010

    I can’t belive I fell for this, now I can’t get my $ back!

  27. September 24, 2010

    I’m but another person who was sold on this SMC membership. They sell sell sell the idea of having a 30 day money back guarantee. Just dont try to cancel after 30 days.

    It says a lot about a business when they choose to force payments out of people. You can get most of the products for the same price on amazon. People are better off buying in bulk on ebay or craigslist.

  28. Charlie permalink
    October 7, 2010

    SCM is a scam do not get involved they talk in circles and will not let you out!

  29. Dale permalink
    October 13, 2010

    Just by looking on the website, the company has been around for 60 years. If they were a real scam, do you think they would still be in business anymore?
    From reading all the comments, it seems like it’s easy to place blame on lack of research and hard work.

  30. October 13, 2010

    @Dale -- Maybe they were great at one time but things changed over the course of the years. It could happen.

  31. October 14, 2010

    I am reading the comment regaring SMC. It appears that somebody really has a good experience. You guys may want to check this out =)
    SMC Review

  32. Dan permalink
    October 16, 2010

    I check item occasionally by creating an order and not ordering it. I did this same thing and wound up with 100 large cows which I did not order althou[gh I created the order but did not hit purchase. I know I did not order this because I never have stuff shipped to my home address and i mean never but this showed up. Now what do I do I am in Canada and in no way should I be responsible for the return freight

  33. Randolph Rogers permalink
    October 21, 2010

    this ad shows no reference to SMC when you ask how charges$3.00 Then a few days latter 4 days makes an unauthorized transaction on my credit card $59.95 and say’s iits SMC. I was not interested in SMC ,so i called and ask for return of my $59.95 and they refused to credit it back….? note they have multiple telephone numbers. They are rude and non responsive and will hang up on you several times trying to get $$$ back and it within the 30 days refundable period , no services rendered no product ever given …………………..So what makes a theif not a theif,BEWARE SMC they are crooks I have contacted Fed Trade commission BEWARE they are no less than theives when making unauthorized transactions on your credit cards and they will refuse to give any refunds.

  34. deb permalink
    October 26, 2010

    wow… they called me asking me for my credit card and telling this was the icing on the cake this would make me SO rich ! i told them i needed to discuss this with my husband and then they were just going on and on then luckily my daughter found this site ! thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO very much :)

  35. So Over Stupidity permalink
    October 30, 2010

    Okay after reading many of these complaints…I have one thing to say…

    How stupid are some of you? I don’t feel sorry for ANY of you unless of course you are mentally disabled. These people are able to steal your money…and really not steal it… give it to them and they take it for one reason and one reason only, LAZINESS. If you would go get off of your butts instead of watching late night TV and do some RESEARCH, you would know how to start your own website, businesses….find your own suppliers…whatev. With the money you spent, you could have acquired licensing, inventory, a website, an 800 number, a few independent contractors to handle work you can’t do yourself…..smh. But instead, you want something to be EASY. The Donald Trumps, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfreys of the world do not become successful from infomercials. They became successful based on hard work, dedication, consistency, and tenacity.

    And for you other mentally challenged people who don’t know how to close an account and open another one…or better yet, report your CC# lost or stolen so that they cannot charge your account over and over again… you people read anything? I’m at a loss for words. People are starving around the world and certified idiots have money to give to SMC. This seems so unfair to me.

  36. angel corpas permalink
    October 31, 2010

    ok well i dont mean to be rude but you are almost all kind of dumb, you are trying to blame other people when you are the ones that paid so much for a website, you didnt have to buy it!! my mother sold SMC for 5 years she was a single mom and paid all are bills with SMC ,its wrong of you to tell people not to try SMC because you maid bad choices . It is a very good way to make money just dont buy a lot of things you dont need JUST BUY THE KIT. My mom used to make almost 200 a day at the flea market selling SMC. please be smart if you try SMC and JUST BUY THE KIT and you will make a lot of money if you are smart and dont try and sell at the price they tell you to , sell at a cheaper price and you will make a lot more money over all.

    good luck to anyone that trys SMC

  37. October 31, 2010

    you would know how to start your own website, businesses….find your own suppliers…whatev. With the money you spent, you could have acquired licensing, inventory, a website, an 800 number,

    It doesn’t even have to be that hard. Just check the suggestions for SMC alternative I gave on the other article. You don’t even have to own your own products.

  38. tricked permalink
    November 13, 2010

    Smc tricked me aswell. I got suckered in by an offer for less than 5$ i could order their starting kit and start makes cash fast. Well, i ended up paying 21$ for the kit and never got it, I was told that my information was going to be in the kit and to log onto the site when i got it to set up my account. i never got me kit and never set up an account or membership. two months later i got a call from them saying that i havn’t been purchasing thing with my account, when i told them i didn’t have an account, that i never got my starter kit and want my money reimbursed they hung up on me. I called the number back and no one answered. A few days later i find out that there had beed a 600 charge to my card for “misc” purposes.
    it is now november and i have recieved a bill in the mail from these people ( after the credit card was closed) for 167.oo in “membership fees” they stated in the letter that i opted into a binding contract when i selected a method of payment for my account. the only thing i selected was to pay visa for my ” 5 “dollar starter kit. that i never got. anyway, they are threatening to send my account to collection agencies. i am still trying to contact them but to no avail.

  39. Angie permalink
    November 18, 2010

    I received a call from SMC today in response to an inquiry I place to them out of curiosity. They wanted to send me a kit for $39.95 and either charge me that same amount monthly for a “silver membership” or a one time charge for a “gold membership”. When I explained that I had lost my job, will be starting school in January, and don’t make any purchases without discussing them with my husband, they made me an offer that “doesn’t get offered to everyone” and was a “back to school deal”. I would receive my kit free of charge for just a $15.00 UPS charge. When they said it “doesn’t get offered to everyone” I knew it was probably a scam. So I told the guy that I don’t give out my CC information over the phone and would like an address where I could mail a check, they couldn’t provide me with that address and wanted to charge my CC. While I was on the phone with them, I was researching SMC on the internet and found this website. At that point, I told him that I was no longer interested and hung up. Thanks for this information! You probably saved me a lot of hassle.

  40. Michael Cooper permalink
    November 28, 2010

    ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN SCAMMED BY ABOVE COMPANY- I have two clients that have been also scammed from SMC products online. If you used a credit card for the transactions you made with SMC and the charge was made within the last 18 months and have not yet received a refund for the services they claimed they would provide which are a scam please call me at 800-982-0221 Ext 401 or email me at I have won both cases for two clients which were both scammed for over 12,000. We work on a non-contingent basis so there are no upfront fees or any contracts to be signed. I also have many referrals if needed.

  41. December 1, 2010

    Good review and comments!

    I’ve known people who got snookered into joining SMC and lost a lot of money.

    I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole…

  42. Laarni permalink
    December 10, 2010

    s.m.c Please dont call again in my landline number. I’m not now interested.

  43. December 15, 2010

    Wow reading all of this is incredible. First I recieved the kit for $15.00. I got the kit the same day the coach called. She wants me to buy a website for $5100.00. I explained to her that I have several websites that cost me $11.00 each all I wanted to see is what products you have to sell. The sales pitch continues like she dident even hear me. I started looking around places like ebay, etc and found that if you sell those products to someone they dident do their homework. These products can be purtchesed anywhere cheaper than their wholesale prices plus if you buy you also have to pay the shipping. I questioned the salesman when I signed up, why would a company thats been in business for 60 years need to hire more sales people sounds like the turnover rate is rediculas. Anyway I got burnt 10 years ago for $4100.00 dont believe anyone that says you are going to get rich quick, only the company is going to get rich, seems like they could shut these places down, but they scam so many people that they use all that free money to fight you until you give up or run out of money to fight. I just thought I would put in my two cents. Oh I sent my kit back before my 30 days was up and hope they will credit my card, They will have to sign for it so we will see how that goes. All the best to all of you, and god bless!

  44. December 26, 2010

    SMC has done the same thing to my family & I. They didn’t do nothing but scam us out of our money. Had the website up for a year now with not one sale! Almost a $1000.00 dollars in gift cards we can’t even give away! We will not rest until we have our money back!!!

  45. SMC Detective permalink
    December 27, 2010

    HA HA. The comment above about the good review at SMC Review (10/14 above) is put out by the same group that does SMC!! just do a ”whois” command on ”” and on “” -- you will see both sites are owned and operated by the same group/people.

    I don’t believe a single one of the postings here by supposedly ”happy” SMC customers -- I suspect they are all planted by SMC themselves.

  46. January 3, 2011

    I too was scammed by SMC. Luckily for me I didn’t put as much money into it. I did pay like 37 dollars to start and then I paid 60 dollars for the kit. In my 30 days. I had a coach call me once to try and sell me the website for almost 900 dollars. Im a college student and I was like I don’t have this money how could I. I asked for a cheaper way and it was the catalogs that he said he would send out. 2 weeks later I received them in the mail and I was frustrated because he never returned my call or called me. I canceled within my 30 days and then nothing for 4 months and I am billed for the first time for my monthly payments that were over due. WHAT!! I called because I was not paying it due to them not recording I canceled it or doing it. They told me there was nothing I could do and I got very verbal and asked for a supervisor. Well it was her answering machine I left a message and even said in it I thought the the whole thing was a scam and I never received a call from hem again.
    A month later actually Dec 27 or around there I am billed again with notice if I dont pay the monthly payments that I had agreed to. Nor have responded to the many calls they attempted. LOL ummm they never called me. They said I had 10 days to pay or it would going after my credit. I don’t have any and I’m not going to have them make it bad so furious I called. Well when I called I got there answering machine saying they were not going to be in the office until JAN 2 so there SMC members could enjoy the holidays. umm this cuts down on my 10 days.
    I am not paying it. So what do I do. Can I get a type of lawyer who deals with this stuff so it doesn’t effect my credit?

  47. Realistic Observer permalink
    January 3, 2011

    To be honest, what the last person said about them being from SMC was actually something that crossed mymind as well. Plus, another obvious reason that this is a scam is because everyone’s kit and website costs are different depending on how much the representaive on the phone thinks they can get from the client they are talking to on the phone. They’re telling everyone the cost for a kit is different, ranging between $5 to $100 or more. Anyone who thinks SMC is legit needs to open their eyes and smell the scent of burned away money. Get a reality check, because any legitimate company would have the same prices for everyone, not all these obscure differences.

  48. Realistic Observer permalink
    January 3, 2011

    Oh and the fact that they have numerous different telephone numbers and email addresses but do not get back to anyone or answer anything is also suspicious, and the fact that the “coaches” don’t get back to you barely, and when they do, they just persuade you to spend more and more, but give you nothing in return.

  49. January 4, 2011

    @Lillian Yes, definitely get a lawyer if you can afford one or you can report them to the FTC. Their aim is to protect consumers from this type of thing.

    Check the video above to see how they can help you.

  50. January 4, 2011

    Well an update I called today and was yelled at that this was my agreement and they could pull up the phone records and listen. Well they didn’t pull anything up. They just told me they had me call a month ago and that’s all they had. I wondered how come all the other times I called they don’t have record its like its deleted. I reported them to the FTC. They said that it will still go to collection. Now attorney wise anyone have any suggestions on who to call or what type of attorney to get.??? I just want them to not be able to go after my credit. Also I found out that they have tried going into my bank account to get there money but they were denied. I’m glad I moved and decided to get a bank closer to me. That card is inactive. i told him Ive read how you guys get a little greedy in peoples bank accounts and what Ive found in research he was quite. Which was nice since he wanted to yell at me then he hung up.

  51. January 5, 2011

    Lillian, I guess you’ll need a consumer protection lawyer. I’m not too sure but that was the closest I could find.

    There was also a guy earlier in the comments who claimed to have won cases for two clients against SMC. I’m only pointing you to him because you might have missed the earlier comments but I haven’t verified that he’s the real deal or anything so proceed at your own risk. He left his contact info.

  52. January 16, 2011

    I can’t believe all of the cry babies, you get what you pay for I had no trouble getting most of what I put into my website and I was selling on SMC for almost 3 years. I found SMC to be most coopertive and understanding.
    You are always going to find a few dissatifed customers in sales becouse most people can’t sell, or all you have to do is build a website and people will flock to you like ants to honey. Sorry but it does not work that way unless you are willing to work harder and longer hours and be just as dedacated to an online business as a brick and morter one, do not build a website.
    I had to get of business due health reasons

  53. LORETTA permalink
    January 31, 2011

    WELL I ordered the kit before researching and I got my kit about 3 r 4 day’s later. I look through the catalog’s but didn’t look at the dvd, something just didn’t feel right so I called and cancel the same day I got the kit.I must say that when I called the first time I was just looking for info about the business, but the lady tried to get me 2 try it I told her no, so she put her supervisor on the phone and she tells me it’s a money making opportunity and she tells me that she will waive the $15.00 shipping and handling and I would pay the $24.95,well after reading all this I cancel my debit card and they can keep the $24.95 even though I wouldn’t get it back and i’ll just keep the kit. MY $24.95 paid 4 the kit. SO they want get another penny from me. I am so sorry for the ones that lost so much money to these thieves.

  54. February 4, 2011

    Thanks!!! I was just called by ‘John’ at SMC. He promised all that stuff you mentioned. Luckly my phone went dead before I made the terrible mistake of joining!! I have been scamed also by the HOME WEBSITE. I gave the $150 to join, now they want another $50 to get customers!! I thought customers came automatically with your website. Do NOT join this, they just keep asking for more money to upgrade your site. Is there really a true way of making money online??

  55. February 4, 2011

    Yes, Wanda. As someone who earns a full time income online, I can tell you that there are many ways you can make money online that aren’t scams. I use one called affiliate marketing.

  56. Bobby permalink
    February 6, 2011

    I came across this blog after ordering the kit. I will be cancealing my membership Monday morning but I will canceal my bank debit card first. So far they have gotten $39 for the kit $69 for advertising material and $29 for the website hosting.

    I was sold by a guy on youtube who claims to have made alot of money with SMC but the coach rub me the wrong way when our first conversation was about getting me to upgrade my membership and spend more money. We never discuss anything else but more money and if they are taking money out other people accounts after they have canceal membership than I definitely need to be weiry about their intentions and thats why Iam getting out now before I end up in the poor house messing with these people. Is there anything legit that really works, have not found one thing yet.

  57. February 9, 2011

    I’M suprise no one from smc contacted me since I canceled. I guess i’ll see in due time.

  58. John permalink
    February 14, 2011

    I went ALL OUT in SMC two years ago, $8000+ for the website and everything else. I was told $3500 went into my account to be used for merchandise and shipping, whatever.

    I received a renewal fee notice for $49. I told them 3 times to take it from my “account.” Without consulting me, they closed my account.

    I e-mailed them and asked to be reinstated or send my money back. Today I got an e-mail that says
    that account “expired” at the end of 2009. WHAT!!?? I was told by 2 different SMC LIARS that money was mine, in my account, just like a bank account.

    $3300+ …expired?!?!

    Would anyone like to join me in a class action lawsuit?

    Scam? Absolutely. Lying? yes. Theft? yes. Breach of Contract? Yes. Malfeasance? Yes…

    feel free to add to the list. I would also be VERY happy to put-up a website titled


  59. Dawn permalink
    March 14, 2011

    I had joined
    SMC and they told me within a week id have my merchandise I havent received it yet. I alsot ried to call and cancel it the day after I did it for I felt it was the wrong decision. they still told me i couldnt cancel until i received my kit. I have faught them to and nail. I hate what this place has done. luckily i only paid 24.95 but still

  60. Kimberly permalink
    March 22, 2011

    I joined SMC a year ago and due to financial problems that i had run into I was unable to keep paying the 25 dollar a month fees. They did not report this to a credit bureau nor did it wind up on a credit report. The only thing they did was cancel my membership and told me that if I wanted to rejoin I would have to bring my membership dues up to date. I did not get charged for a website because I set up my own and declined using their websites. I have sold some products with SMC, no I didn’t get rich and I didn’t expect to. I have just rejoined SMC and so far not a problem. No calls, no gimmicks, no nothing. I have already sold some products and I’m just a few days into my membership.

    I agree with some of the people above. If you are looking to get rich quick then this is not the place for you. If you are agreeing to pay outrageous fees for a website, then it’s obvious you don’t know enough about ecommerce and should not join. If you are not willing to market your products then don’t join.

    As for buying wholesale products cheaper, I don’t believe it. I recently had a sale where I pay 19.32 to order the products *this includes shipping* and my customer paid 50.85. Look at the profit!!! No, it isn’t a huge profit but if you are going into this to make thousands, then stay away!!! Unless you can afford to buy a huge quantity of product such as Wal-mart can and does, then you are not going to make thousands.

    If you own a store, are you going to just buy a few products, set up a website, maybe work 1 hour a day, and not market it, and then expect to make money??? Get real, no business works like that. Many successful business owners will tell you, to get where they are, it takes work and then more work.

    Stop looking to blame others just because you don’t want to do the work involved. Stop looking to blame others because you can’t learn to say the word no. No one needs a 5,000 or more website. Learn to ask questions before you buy. Most of all if your looking for a get rich quick scheme, wake up there isn’t one.

    If I can make a few hundred dollars a month, then yes this little venture is definitely worth my time. I know I’m not going to make anything unless I sell and advertise and work. This is a great opportunity for people like me.

  61. April 16, 2011

    I used SMC back in 2004-2005 and I only paid $25 or so a year for membership! Still have some old I was SHOCKED to see the new price when I went on their site. I sold at a flea market (inside booth that was very nicely set up and maintained) for approx. 5 mths and then did some festivals (which were very nice/expensive but you made WAY more money) with a friend of mine.

    I never had a problem with SMC during that time, but that was back then and anything can change over 5-6 yrs. True, getting a coach to return a call was a waste of time or a headache at the least. The products were average to nice and very inexpensive (at that time). You had to be careful of the SIZE of the products..some were very small and I got into the habit of checking out the dimensions before ordering.

    The reason I thought about SMC again, is because I sell online now and need massive amounts of inventory but DON’T want the inventory cluttering up my home and a DROPSHIPPER, which is how I look at SMC, would be great for me. I’ve checked a lot of the “dropshipper” websites and their pricing and they are too expensive and not much of a profit margin as you can get w/SMC.

    All in all, to be successful at ANY business, you need to market, advertise and promote. That takes a lot of time, esp. if you’re doing it all yourself (like me). With lots of determination, good pricing (wholesale/retail), time/lots of time to build your brand and some extra cash (you’re going to need it) and a good business plan and you will start to see some gains. It might just be a little at first, but it will grow if you keep at it. I prefer online retailing as I can move about w/my business and not be tied to any particular region.

    Enough about that, I will be taking a closer look at the affiliate programs that Jay made mention of.

    Feel free to come visit me at to chat or purchase, and see what that site is like…it’s basically free and very user friendly…Ciao!

  62. bert permalink
    April 29, 2011

    I joined SMC in the late 70′s. To this day they owe me $945.00. Every couple of years I contact them, just to see if someone will make good.. Tom Bosley must have been on drugs.

  63. William J Galvan permalink
    May 25, 2011

    I was a member of SMC and was not aware of what it would cost and I decided then and there that this was not for me. So I called them and cancelled my membership and I sent back my catalogs. Now they are trying to collect $471.90 thru a collection agency and I called them and the person I spoke to was very rude and threatened me and hung up.
    SMC out of Irvine Calif. should have everything I sent them. I cant not afford to pay a collection agency with my social security income and especially to an agency I dont even know.

  64. Anna Young permalink
    June 13, 2011

    Although I won’t be as harsh as those who chastized all of you who did not investigate the SMC opportunity prior to investing anything, I must say I am surprised. I am also interested in online business opportunities, but I always check out the company first online, finding a wealth of “Buyer Beware” information. I wonder why you didn’t do the same with SMC? Additionally, there are Consumer Agencies available, if no information is readily available online, such as the the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureaus, in addition to the individual State
    Consumer Protection Agencies. I personally recommend obtaining the Federal Government’s …Consumer Action Handbook…which can be ordered FREE OF CHARGE, via……which includes every Consumer Agency within the United States.

    We all must become enlightened consumers today, whether it’s purchasing products or investing in a business.
    And, resounding applause to… Bizchoice Review… for this site and the good work you’re doing in educating us all.

  65. Heidi permalink
    June 23, 2011

    So..yeah; I fell for SMC’s Sales promotional pitch. But I got really discouraged very quickly when I received my starter kit…Hmmm…no instructions of any kind…just keeps telling me what I “COULD” do with SMC..and the video also…same thing as watching the infomercials for SMC back in the early 90′s HINT…There was no INTERNET 60 effing years I really feel like a fool. Okay, well maybe if i go to the Member website and watch their tutorials I might know where to start then…Ummm yeah; AGAIN- I already know what I “COULD” do with SMC!! I want to know HOW and what to plan. I know how to pass out catalogs…DUH. O.k. so go and register @ all these websites they tell me to…My Pay Pal has been up and ready way before I got my package. Well I only have 21 days to “take advantage” of my web coach…but why isn’t she calling me back? O.k. got a call from her…good,,What? That didn’t teach me anything, so I need to upgrade..NO WAY! O.k… I’ll order some catalogs and stuff and wait for my website. Nice Website..NOT…I registered to it..okay, why is shopping the only thing that I can do on “MY WEBSITE”? I was trying my best not to “give up” and to keep reading…maybe I am just reading it wrong. ( Day and night I RE-READ and RE-WATCH that video . I lost tons of sleep. I even wake up vomiting because I know membership and webhosting fees are headed my way, but I cannot get any direction or make any sense of how this all works. AND ALL THESE LIES I HAVE FOUND> They said I didn’t have to pay for the stuff until it was sold o.k. she said I could modify my Website how I wanted it..okay so she tells me to do it from the Member Website..nope I can only order…which in turn..means to SHOP..and I DO HAVE TO PAY FIRST…What is all this about me having to handle returns and why are all these prices set in stone, I thought I was supposed to be able to create my own price list WTF?? And…What’s this??…The eCommerce site will soon be upgraded to a 12 and I have the option to get it for 49.00…Note: all members will be charged on June 19th for the eCommerce12 upgrade…to Opt out call blah blah blah..I call them to opt out..The guy Immediately tried to up sale me on something “I needed”… No I just want to opt out of the eCommerce 12 upgrade. Oh’ =( I am in the middle of something with another customer…can i have your number and i will call you back in 10 mins. WTF?? I want to cancel…automated message: If you are within your 30 “MAY” qualify to get your money back…just ship all your packages back to A TOTALLY DIFFERENT ADDRESS than the one you already have for SMC (and i have to PAY for shipping it back too) I call back. I WANT TO CANCEL RIGHT NOW..ON THE PHONE LIKE YOU SAID I COULD..They hang up..So..I call call bank and cancel my debit card! Called the promotion number,,talked to the girl who sold it to me, She tried to get me to BUY more..i cussed her out she hung up. I called back a man answered said she was out..i told him..They better cancel me now and take my name off of that Website (meaning ALL of my contact info as OWNER) Yes Mam, right away..I’ll do that right now. i told them, they were nothing but a scam and I had already reported them to and the Government! (Which i have) Well last I checked; I am still a member of SMC and still the contact as OWNER of that Website. So I had to call law enforcement out to take an Identity Theft Report! It’s not just a SCAM…It’s your IDENTITY PEOPLE,,,CALL your local Law Enforcement and the Government. They only got me for $71.00 I have to go to my Bank and file a fraud report…They never sent me the catalogs i paid for and I was told they are none refundable AFTER I paid anyway…so they wouldn’t be getting those from me anyhow..I’d rather burn them…and i’ll be damned if I am sending back the evidence I have against them as for what they sent me as a starter kit! I only have very little to say to all of the above comments to the few ppl that claimed to have made money through SMC in the above comments. STFU and screw you SMC EMPLOYEES!!! I might have been born at night, but it damned sure wasn’t last night. I can not believe I fell for a scam…and even though it was only $71.00…It was food you took from my kids mouths…I PLAN to take you down SMC. If anyone can help me do that email me at [personal information removed by admin]…just know that I cannot afford a lawyer, but they need to be STOPPED! I have done some legal work(filing petitions etc.) That turned out well…so I will be working on figuring out how to go after them myself.

  66. Rachael permalink
    June 23, 2011

    I find these horrible comments rather amusing. My sister has been with SMC for nearly 5 years and while she did not make a whole lot the first few months, after a lot of hard work on her part and her determination to succeed she now makes over $3500/month. Did anyone ever stop to think that you have to actually invest time into this as well as money…FYI..NOT one business in this world got started with no money….I will be joining SMC and quite frankly do not care about these bad reviews because I have worked in enough customer service businesses to know that more people are likely to complain and whine about bad experiences and fewer people will talk about good experiences………For every one compliment, a business will get anywhere from 2 to 500 bad comments…Try actually investing time into this and then maybe you can succeed the way my sister has and oh yeah she is a single mom of 3 and makes this money in her spare time…So if my sister can do it then anyone can do it and if there are so many issues with this company then how come not one person has made a complaint with the BBB??? Hmmmmm…Yes I have researched that as well.

  67. Rachael permalink
    June 23, 2011

    I take that back I just saw the BBB alert on smc

  68. chantelle permalink
    June 28, 2011

    Hi everyone,
    I have to say that I really do like having websites like this, where people can post their comments. I have tried online businesses before and honestly have to say that nothing good has come out of any of them. So, since I have been scamed before, plenty of times, I chose to research SMC first before giving them my precious credit card #. However, when I was on the phone with the rep. my start up fee went from 59.95 to 24.95 with in mins. I kept telling her, actually her name is Mina 800-794-8418 ext 4713, that I wanted to talk to my husband first and I didnt even have his card to give her the #. She acted as if she didnt even hear that part and kept lowering my start up fee. After the 24.95 price it went to free. I said ok, I’ll do it today for free. She said, it doesnt work like that, you have to refer a friend and if they buy a membership then you recieve yours for free. I started to feel this was all BS so I researched it and came upon this site. Yes, I also believe that all the good comments out there are from SMC reps. themselves. Another funny thing that happened while I was on the phone is she asked me what I have done to better my future. I told her I was currently working on my Bachelors degree for Criminal Justice. HA HA the funny thing is, is that MINA kinda stuttered a little after I said that. FOr the people who are wanting contact info on SMC try the number I listed eairler she said that was her direct extension and if I call back to start it up, she gave me this number, 800-605-2749. Good luck, also, just because you have been burned doesn’t mean there isn’t real businesses out there, just research it first before you buy.

  69. Happy in Florida permalink
    June 30, 2011

    I have been with SMC since 1995. Last year I made $30,000 selling their products and this year I am on target to make twice that. The selling programs they offer didn’t work for me (flea markets, wagon jobber, etc.) so I got creative and started selling in a different way to a different market altogether. I have been in the sales game for over 21 years so maybe I have an advantage over some but all in all they are doing well for me. I have a favorite sales rep. He is the only one I speak to when I call and my loyalty has proven well in getting additional help or special services on occasion. They get incentives for sales goals so I help him and he helps me. Early on there have been a few reps I was not happy with. Once you get a good rep ask for their extension number and call them from then on.

    My startup membership was a total of $125.00. I did purchase a website mid year 2000 for $2500.00. There is a monthly hosting fee of $24.95 and an annual maintenance fee of $299.00 for the website. The fact that the stock status for the website is updated in real time was huge to me. I am disappointed with certain limitations with regard to being able to change the look and feel of my website. It is a template so I can’t do quite everything I would like to do with my site. My customers need to know what is in stock at all times.

    I am not going to give my website address or company name because I need to protect how I sell from other members so my market doesn’t get flooded with other SMC members.

    People are right, this is not a get rich quick business. It takes work and time. You will get out of it what you put into it.

    My two biggest pet peeves with SMC…not enough items in stock when I need them and the smc site doesn’t show how many of an item is in stock.

    Other than that, I am happy!
    “If you don’t change what you do…you will never change what you get.” -- My favorite fortune cookie quote :)

  70. Maya Brewer permalink
    July 12, 2011

    A sales agent called me just now yelling about all the good thing they can offer. I started to get info on this company as the guy was talking, who was quite persistent that I try it out.

    Thank you for your input. It really helped me make my decision. The guy was so pushy I had to hang up on him!

  71. drew permalink
    July 13, 2011

    so after reading these comments it show how lazy people really are. i AM NOT a smc employee. but i am a member and have been for a yr now. i do agree with the people that say they lost thousands to the company but you have to look and say do i really need a website. i agree the “sales” team is a little pushy at time but that have a job to do. i have not made tons of money with smc but i have made the money i have invested. and it takes alot of work to make your money back and then some. I tried their websites and i was not impressed. i spoke with other people about making websites and it was a little expensive so i just went door to door and spoke with people face to face. if you think your going to make money without working then think again.

  72. DEBRA MILLER permalink
    July 22, 2011


  73. nancy permalink
    August 4, 2011

    Remember this, next time start your business not through someone else, but your own. You see, people companies like this “ONLY” make money from those like yourself. Also remember, the people answering the phones never buy into the business. They get paid for answering the phones and they never buy into the business. Why? cause they do not trust the company. So “BE CAREFUL!” Good day and be careful:)

  74. August 9, 2011

    Sad to say, years ago I watched SMC on the television. My wife and I were convinced and became a member. Hoping that this business will help us with our children’s future. I checked and read the complaints with this company. I ignored it. I really thought that the Happy Days guy would not be associated with scam company. To make my story short, the SMC customer service sweetly convinced me to give here my credit card number. This is the deal!!! She will not tell you all about the other issues that would lead you to a financial charges. As soon as I gave her the credit card number and was trying to back out, she became sooo rude. I wish I recorded her. I was charged many months on my credit card, just like ADT. Another issue guys. It’s like your house is forclosed and sold and you are still paying for the services for many months, that kind of feeling. That is because they charge you direct from your checking or credit card accounts. Well, too late for me, but for those that are just starting and have started such… Ask your institutions to issue new card and even change your account number. Save your breath and headache. You like it or not, these companies will charge your credit card or checking account if you gave them that authorization. Then you file with FTC and BBB. At least, at this time, you can stop them from charging your credit card.

  75. Taylor permalink
    August 20, 2011

    I don’t understand how anyone falls for these scams? If I had been the one to fall for this crap, and went through all that you guys have gone through I would take legal action. First off I have no problem canceling my credit card to prevent future charges second a credit report can be challenged and third if your going to try some crap your not sure about, use a virtual credit card untraceable and only can be charge one or more than once if you authorize, then the card number becomes useless for future charges. There are no get rich quick methods, think about this if a companies success is contingent on you selling there product and you having to pay them to do it there is a problem. Its the same with the garbage that people sell, I got rich this way and i want to show you how buy my product that shows you the way. Dude and Dudetts, if I got rich using a method I found, I’m not sharing that, I’m keeping that to myself.

  76. Elizabeth permalink
    September 8, 2011

    wow--was on the phone for over 3 hours getting the run around from smc (just signed up yesterday and started researching today). With all the comments from you guys, I called my credit card company and they will cancel my card asap and problem is solved! I am also reporting it to the BBB, FTC, attorney general and consumer protection agency. Yikes, the golden years aren’t so golden!!!! I’m glad this site is around and can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the info I gathered from you guys. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again

  77. Russell permalink
    September 28, 2011

    I don’t like being called a cry baby, lazy, or being told, no, for a sale! I’ve sold insurace so I know what NO means. For the last thirty years I’ve been in the restaurant business, so lazy is not in my vocabulary. But, when I spend my money and see no results, well, it’s time for me to get p___ed off!
    Thank God in Heven that I did not spend $6000. or more on this so called oppurtunity for extra money for retirement. (only 5 years away)

    I joined in March 2011, website took forever to get up and running, everytime I talked to a coach, all they wanted to do was sell me an upgrade. One time they wanted me to invest $7000.00, naturally
    I said no. I am still waiting for my first sale on the website. I am at a Pro series catagorie website which was suppose to direct more customers to my web store. STILL NOT A SALE!

    I have spent about $2000.00. I have about $450. in gift cards, catalogs, some products I bought to check out the quality of what I am selling. I should have bought a portable Hot Dog stand and a street vendors lic. ($50.00) and wlked the street of my small city selling to offices and small businesses and I guarantee I would have made a hell of a lot more money than this! Total cost of mobile hot dog stand including product is about $1600. 00. I wouldn’t be home at my computer, but I
    would be making money.

    So those of you that are doing so great with SMC, my hat is tipped to you. When your driving around in your fancy car that SMC helped you get, stop and buy a hot dog from the street vendor, he could use the business, because he is making about 70% on that hot dog, and no frieght charges.

    This has been a very short term business venture for me, as I am getting out, hopefully with no problems. I guess that remains to be seen.


  78. jerrry permalink
    October 1, 2011

    i got suckered into smc,and it cost me $3,000.00!!they tryed to get me for $6,000.00 thats when i said noway!!! and the stuff they sent me i couldn’t sell it at what they said to sell it. i damn near gave it all away just to get ride of it !! Wal Mart sells the same stuff its all from China. i know this cause I’ve seen it there and i woark there now.this smc started out for $20.00 then it went to $100.00 ,then they said the best you can do with theam is to buy more kits they sell you.and the catalogs they have more catalogs than a library! if there was ever a lawsuit against theam i’d be in just get my money back!

  79. jerrry permalink
    October 1, 2011

    yes this is a get rich system for theam,off of people like us who work hard for our money! we should all report this smc to the federal attorney general to investagate the way they rip consumers off.then maybe they would have to pay us all back,out of the billions of dollars they they make from profits! what do you think???

  80. con permalink
    November 18, 2011

    s m c /soul must collect, its do pay in do season.there not getting away with any thing like every one of us. you plant u reap. what kind of seeds r we planting?

  81. Ron permalink
    November 30, 2011

    with all this people lossing money on smc if they dont except money orders i dont join i dont give companys my credit card no if thats what they require the for get it

  82. victor permalink
    December 20, 2011


    SMC is a cam, there is no way you can make money with this. please do not join, i am an attorney directing my clients case regarding this company. Listen to me when i say this; best case scenario you will make a minuscule amount of profit not even enough to compensate for your inversion, and it till not work for you. this is a company built to profit from employee labor and carefully structured and managed to follow legal laws in order to be legal. it is very hard to win a lawsuit against this company. they know what they are doing and are playing their cards right TO LEGALLY STEAL FROM YOU. please do not sign up with them.Another thing is that any..and i mean ANY POSITIVE COMMENT AND RATING YOU SEE ON ANY WEBSITE FOR THEM IS A LIE AND FABRICATED . SMC HAS PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM WRITING POSITIVE REVIEWS SO THAT WHEN YOU GOOGLE THEM YOU WILL VIEW THIS RESULT. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF FROM THE AGONY OF FINANCIAL DEATH.THE WORST PART IS THAT IT IS RUINING PEOPLES LIVES , AND A COLLEAGUE OF MINE DEALT WITH A CASE IN WHICH A MAN USED UP HIS CHILDREN’S ENTIRE COLLEGE FUND ON THEIR SENIOR YEAR ALONG WITH HIS LIFE SAVINGS AND COMMITTED SUICIDE BECAUSE OF HIS FINANCIAL SITUATION DUE TO BEING SCAMMED BY SMC. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE ITS A WORLD FULL OF WOLVES,MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL AND FORGIVE THESE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.

  83. January 2, 2012

    I re joined SMC in Oct 2011 . I do agree about the point that you dont get a coach. I got one call from so called coach but I knew what I wanted and I knew I did not like the web site that came with SMC. If you going to do this you have to read up on things. You dont have to pay 5000 for a web site I pay 30 .00 a month. I love my site. I think I did a good job. the hard thing is getting the word out about your site it is going to take some time .
    As far a product if I get something that is broke I just call them and they send a new one. One of my first order I order a fairy and it was my first sale. She came broke. the wing was to thin . well they sent me 4 of them but kept coming broke. It was just what happens some times. I keep up with my customer and she got the fairy for free and glued the tip on and now you cant tell. So she was happy and it coast me any money to make her happy. Now I have also got a lot of orders where nothing was broke.
    SMC was very nice to me and keep working with me. If you going to sell stuff for a drop shipper you have to learn how to do stuff on your own.

    I love SMC and have for years….

  84. NEVER GOING TO SMC permalink
    February 1, 2012


  85. NEVER GOING TO SMC permalink
    February 1, 2012


  86. Trying SMC permalink
    March 19, 2012

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. I just joined a month ago. My kit was no where near what you people say it was only $50, which I choose, and my web site is under $200. My coach stays in touch with me two or three times a week. If I need her I just send an email and she replies back very quickly or either calls me. You all are scaring me and maybe I need to discuss this with my coach.

  87. March 24, 2012

    I wish I had read these reviews earlier. I would not have made an appointment and invested monies that I really don’t have. I was fired last October and my son and I have been having some financial issues. I thought this would be a good way to aid our income. I realize that every business has it’s downfalls. You only get out what you put in but the lack of apparent concern shown by SMC toward their employees [business owners] makes me change my mind. I will start the process of ending my membership, I have a lawyer and will start to contact her about the situation. This is the same way my previous employer treated their employees. I am also going to contact my bank and stop all future auto withdrawals by this company

  88. Thinking about joining permalink
    May 5, 2012

    I have a friend who did SMC and was very happy with them, so I was considering it as well until I found this blog. Someone commented that you can find these same items from other wholesalers; has anyone else found this to be true because the only wholesalers I have found require you to purchase items in bulk. Would appreciate some info on other companies if anyone has any, thanks!

  89. Debbie permalink
    July 13, 2012

    I joined SMC about 5 years ago. I never had any problems. I joined for $300.00/first year and received $300.00 retail in free merchandise. I told them I would not be buying their website which they accepted and never tried to pressure me into anything. I was always charged the correct amount for the merchandise as well as the shipping. I never thought they were a scam, but I did realize it was impossible to sell their items for the suggested retail price. There were some items I thought were very cheap looking but there were also items that exceeded my expectations. I was a member for 2 years and I’m thinking of rejoining now.

  90. joe mama permalink
    July 7, 2013

    You can buy cheap crap at the dollar store and then sell it yourself door to door… why in tarnation would you pay someone THOUSANDS to become a “member” and build a broken website?

    Before you ever invest, do yourself a favor. Type in the place in google and then the word “scam”. do a little research before shelling out tons of money.

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