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My Personal Blogging Espionage Review

2010 August 7

Blogging Espionage boxAfter checking out Blogging Espionage out of curiosity, I am finally ready to give my opinion about Rob Benwell’s latest “secret” exploit.

In this review of Blogging Espionage, I will first tell you about the product itself, then my feelings about it and finally what other people think about Rob’s controversial new method.

Was it good?

Did I make money?

Can you make money with this “new” system?

All these questions will be answered below.

Blogging Espionage – The guide

I downloaded Rob’s Blogging Espionage pdf last night so that I could check it out. It’s only around 40 pages – less if you don’t count the cover page, legal stuff and the contents page.

The methods are based on blogging and selling text links and doing paid posts. Hardly anything new about that but Rob puts a bit of a twist to it.

Most of the guide is about basic stuff like setting up your blog and buying aged domains. Pretty basic stuff that I’m already knowledgeable about and any newbie can find this info pretty easily with a few Google searches. I believe Rob wants to cover all his bases by getting into detail about everything required to make his system work so I won’t blame him.

The content that matters though is only about five to six pages long. I could make a blog post about the method and it wouldn’t be any longer than this review.

What I Think About Blogging Espionage

I wasn’t disappointed by Blogging Espionage because I figured it would suck.

Saying that a method is “brand new in 2010″ and that nobody has heard of it is a very, very bold statement. Saying that it made you 25K in one day and selling it for $27 (why not $97) would cause any prospective buyer to have second thoughts.

There is no way to skip over the unethical nature of the whole technique because that is what makes it work. I decided not to test the Blogging Espionage system because I would have to lie to the people who I would be depending on for an income.

Also, Rob recommends having at least 6 months of blog posts and this would be very time intensive to produce. I have no idea how you’re supposed to make money in 45 minutes when you have to do all this work. Not that I’m opposed to doing work but a promise is a promise and I have other business to take care of. I would gladly do the work if this was legit.

Finally, I’m not to sure how Rob Benwell made almost 26K overnight with this method just from selling links and doing paid postings. This is not explained in the guide and I’m somewhat skeptical. If his controversial methods are based on lies then you can bet he is going to lie to you to sell you his latest “loopholes”.

I’d rather be an ethical affiliate marketer helping people solve their problems and get what they want and be rewarded with income.

I did not make any money with Blogging Espionage because I decided not to give it a try. It would take a lot out of me to come up with 60 blog posts to put on a 6 month old blog, contact people to sell text links and still have time to run my own affiliate marketing business.

Other Consumer reviews on Blogging Espionage

I headed over to the Warrior Forum to see what they thought about Rob Benwell’s Blogging Espionage and wasn’t surprised at all. Most of the persons who bought the guide refunded it very quickly.

Here’s just a few of those reviews.

By the way, does this guy mention how he makes 23k or whatever it is in one day? I can’t imagine him doing that with sponsored posts/reviews etc? that is one bold claim he makes there..

I got nothing from this product – I’ve asked for exactly two refunds ever from Clickbank and this one had the honor of being #2. I normally like Benwell’s stuff – but this should have been a 4 page free report – seriously.

Personally I didn’t like it. The marketer whose link I bought from did say it was ‘grey’ hat so I was warned, but I went ahead and bought it anyway out of curiosity. It’s not something new (I know marketers who have been doing this for years) but probably hasn’t been written about that much. Will you be able to make $1000 by this time next week? I guess it’s possible, but apparently the author hasn’t adhered to the (word removed by moderator) 300 copies limit so with alot of competition I think the opportunity will definitely be more limited.

I rarely ask for a refund on Clickbank because no matter how bad a product is I usually manage to take away something from it – I did get a refund on this one though because for me this method is pretty useless as it’s too grey hat (plus I don’t like the author’s false scarcity tactics)

As you can see, Blogging Espionage doesn’t seem to go down well with others just like it didn’t go down well with me. I suggest that you pass on it as there are plenty of other ways to make money.

If you’re new to blogging and want to learn about selling links and monetizing your blog then try Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits Blueprint instead. It’s free and done by someone who has a very good reputation in the online marketing community.

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  1. August 19, 2010

    Well, Jay,
    Thank you for writing a Truthful Review of Blogging Espionage.
    My “antenna” went up when I clicked on a link in an e-mail from July 17th to check out the BE method.

    Rob’s Video sounds soooo convincing………I almost fell for it, until I realized that it still said there was a Limit of 300 of these to be sold.

    300? and this is over a month old? And NOT sold out yet……….or at least 75% gone? Sounds fishy to me… I Googled it and your site was on page 1.

    I actually looked at two others’ first………and wasn’t satisfied with results.

    I really appreciate it when someone is HONEST about a program being sold on the Internet………I have wasted thousands over a 10 years period on “junk” that promises me so much, for doing so little.

    I will just keep Blogging and using Video and my GVO System to bring in the money….it will just take me longer, but my goal is to help people too, not just make money…….and I also want to be known as an ethical Affiliate.
    Blessings in your future endeavors, Dazzling Dolly Lutz

  2. August 19, 2010

    Glad I could help, Dolly :)

  3. December 1, 2010

    Good review.

    It seems like a new blogging product like this one comes out every week that promises to exploit undiscovered loopholes in google and make the user big money. These products are almost all scams. The only real pathway to success in blogging or internet marketing is staying dedicated and putting out quality, useful content day in and day out….

  4. pepe permalink
    February 20, 2011

    i have heard some nasty criticisms of rob benwell, but they are always on sites that are trying to sell something else. One of his techniques is flooding internet sites with his name so it keeps coming up over and over and over again. And generally with the same text because he uses a program that he calls Spinner to slightly modify wording so it gets counted as different links. (that seems a bit unethical to me, too) i had to pass through 40 yahoo search pages to find something that actually made a comment about one of his products without some hype about buying something else. Thank you… OK, there is an ad on your page, but i didn’t notice any mention of it in your article. So thanks for the honest review (and in this case, i suspect that it really is an honest one). And thanks for the advice about this latest piece of inadequate “info” from benwell.

  5. pepe permalink
    February 20, 2011

    oops! almost forgot: thanks for pointing me to the warriorforum website. Whenever i need other on-line biz info, i now know exactly where to go first.

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