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Dave & Diana Daniels – Who Are They?

2013 December 11
by Jay

Dave & Diana DanielsJust yesterday, a software program by the name of Get Auto Commissions was released. It promised instant riches even if you didn’t have any experience.

The video sales showed brother and sister internet marketers Dave and Diana Daniels driving around in sports cars and showing off their bank accounts as well as getting their students to show off their affiliate accounts as well.

Nothing was mentioned about what the software really does but one of the bigger questions was “who exactly are Dave and Diana Daniels?”

Who Are Dave and Diana Daniels?

From what I could see in the video, Dave and Diana Daniels are very successful internet marketers who accidentally stumbled on a loophole that they were able to exploit with the use of a software program they developed.

But who are Dave and Diana Daniels really?

I searched online for an answer but the only thing I could find was their connection to Get Auto Commissions. There was no other mention of either sibling.

Upon further digging I found that the real guru behind Get Auto Commissions is a guy named Mike Auton. I came to the realization that Dave and Diana Daniels are nothing but actors and I’ll tell you why.

Finding the link to Mike Auton lead me to other programs he released, like One Minute Commissions and Safe Simple Commissions. All these programs have a lot in common.

One Minute Commissions had Rebecca Roberts, who didn’t have much online about her as an internet marketer. Safe Simple Commissions had Bill Gregory who again I couldn’t find anything else about other than the link to the product he was currently involved with.

All these guys are actors and they’re just reading a sales script. Dave and Diana Daniels? Actors!

Why Not Mike Auton

So why does Mike Auton have to hire actors all with popular made up names?

He’s not the only one that does it but what I noticed is that almost all the time, the product being sold is not worth anyone’s time and is usually very scammy.

The reason why I think Mike Auton does this with all his stuff is that he probably has a badly damaged reputation from all the crappy products he puts out. So he doesn’t want everyone to know he’s the one behind the program.

Whether he appeared in the video or use actors, it doesn’t change the fact that he is misleading an audience by telling lies, making false promises, and giving the impression that you can make thousands online using his software, even if you didn’t know how to send an email.

So forget what Dave and Diana Daniels have to say. They don’t exist and Mike Auton is a fraud for doing this that way.

You can read the full Get Auto Commissions review here.

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